Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the existential outcry

No, dear readers of mine, no, I will not enter the grounds of Satan.
Neither will I embark with Jehovah for choirs.

My battlefield is the arrogance of Jehovah.
My battlefield is the self-pity of Satan.
No, I'm not a Richard Dawkins.
Neither am I a Christopher Hitchens.
I know to value the humble believer. He is in his own right,

But it is difficult to find your way from speaking of the arrogance of Jehovah, here on this blog, to the place where it thrones: the minds and hearts of individual men.
As it is hard to find your way from speaking of the self-pity of Satan to the place where it resides: the same places.

Having said that ...

There is no God or Satan, as there is no Captain Hawkeye or Leopold Bloom, or Kurtz. They are created.
Of course I admire the creation. I particularly admire the construction of that great book of stories, the Bible: I think the consecutive writers and editors have done their utmost to put it in a consistent frame.
But please notice, they are also indebted to other cultures. Here, in my hands, I hold two books - one Stories of the See, one The Creation, with a lot of stories of diverse cultures, and there’s much similarity.

There is, in your thinking, that existential question: why.
These stories are not an answer. They are not even the beginning of an answer. The answer is in your own heart and mind (by the way: I do not believe in the difference between ratio and emotio as the determining factor; in a technical sense it is all flesh and blood).
In a certain way you could say: the why-question is there from the beginning - and so is the answer.
But I have a practical way to solve the problem of our free will: in spite of my idea of the flesh and blood, our behavior is so unpredictable, that the question: free will or not - becomes an academic one.
There's no such thing as a free lunch.

So it's your own choice how you come to the why-answer. You can make a choice for the bible, you can go to the philosophical academy (one thing I never succeed to grasp: studying philosophy, declaring yourself a philosopher and then become Pope), you can go to a cloister of Buddha (like a friend of mine).
You can build your own universe.
All can be true, all can be wrong, and there's no one to tell you.

I like to play with these stories.
I don't believe in the concepts of good and evil. Yes, there's good and evil. But not in a laid down structure. Not with a fundament. Not with right and left.
I like to question these things, to explore.
In an easy and leisurely way.

The very reason for these stories?
My way to deal with it.

This is the second of a series of impressions of the dwellings of Jehovah and Satan
For the third impression follow the link women in he-realm

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